BAM! Publishing

The Espresso Book Machine

See it, want it, print it.

The Espresso Book Machine is a self-contained, in-store printer and binder that gives you access to more than seven million public-domain, out-of-print and small-publisher books through EspressNet.

It also gives you access to that one unique, highly coveted author: you. Turn your words and images into a printed book—five copies to give as gifts, 20 copies to sell or just one copy for your bookshelf—while you wait. Print your novel, memoir, recipe book, dissertation, graphic novel, custom-designed journal or much more. Then hand your book out to family and friends, or even make it available in our store, on our website, and worldwide through the EBM network. Work hands-on with our EBM experts in store or do it yourself at

It’s the book of your dreams, perfect-bound in paperback, printed at Books-A-Million faster than you can say no-foam double cappuccino with an extra shot.